7DAYS -the first project in the MAD-inspired series.

7DAYS a 100-minute Action Crime Drama, spreads from the steps of Parliament House to the Vietnamese gangs of Melbourne, forged with the streets of Kings Cross. This seven-day snapshot will show you unknown worlds, crossing ordinary life with a battle of the streets. A powerful exploration with a political cross, leaves the question of who is really in charge? The fight to hold power means nothing to those on the streets.

Audiences will love the rush of this movie. They’ll love the thrill of the chase, but it’s more than just that. What I have found through years of research is just talking about homelessness is not enough. How can mass change occur if people feel no connection to those who are homeless, with preconceived ideas that they are just drunks, troubled teenagers and ‘druggies.’ 7DAYS the movie can begin to create that emotional connection, so that we as a nation can tackle the incidences that led them there to begin with. Prevention is the best cure. People have to know about it, to care about it, to want to change it.

The movie 7DAYS draws you in, it entertains, it surprises, it makes you feel, however leaves you wanting more; designed as a catalyst to lead viewers to read the prequel novel ANGE: The Life of a Street Kid. Both the movie and book create a connection between readers, viewers and those on our streets, questioning everything you thought was right. Compassion is felt and an understanding formed of cause and effect. No longer feeling hatred or fear, but a desire for change. 

Consider for a moment, those who have been personally touched by cancer. In many instances, they not only sympathise with those affected by the disease, but will also raise money and join the fight to stop it. But how do you feel a similar connection to children living on our streets if you have not seen it? Been affected by it? Know the causes of it? Why would you care? This movie aims to change all that in a non-preaching or judgemental way. The ‘star’ ANGE will build empathy, understanding and help appreciation for this dreadful plight on our society. This intirguing jaw dropping movie with a suprising twist, aims to entertain the world, enabling UPL Productions to give 50% of company profits to charities associated with homelessness for both preventative and outreach programs.

Twin Roads -the second project in the MAD-inspired series

An Aussie musician searches for her birth parents in America. Her world is blown apart by a chance meeting in San Francisco, where she will confront all her greatest fears with a stranger, who will save her from her violent past.

Twin Roads is a music driven, fun, upbeat drama, that tackles the darkness and very serious reality of domestic violence and violence against women as a whole. Through the confronting sadness and heroic behaviour, come uplifting surprises and a twist that has never been done in film history. It’s top secret. No one can know the twist, as this end plot will draw in audiences across the world.

As is the case for 7DAYS, 50% of UPL Productions profits from this movie will be donated to organisations working to prevent domestic violence and help to repair the damage to those already suffering. In conjunction with this film the books 365: Positive Words for a Teenage Girl and the women’s edition Being Beautifully Strong, were designed to build self worth in women and teenage girls. The hope is, these books help prevent girls from being the bully, being influenced by the bully, falling into abusive relationships, dependency on drugs and alcohol, to help reduce eating disorders, depression and suicide. Women of all ages can fall into the same devastating and tragic circumstances. These books can help victims of abuse rebuild their inner self worth and prevent women staying with abusive partners. 50% of book profits are also being donated.


Red Shoes -our third project in the MAD-inspired series.

What happens to a dancer when faced with the ultimate crimes of discrimination? She starts a movement of course. This anti-discrimination, pro diversity, dance drama love story, will bring you down just to uplift you in the most unique of ways. 

Calling upon 40 child dancers from 40 different countries for the last scene in the movie. Think of movies such as Save the Last Dance, Flash Dance, Napoleon Dynamite, Footloose, Silver Linings Playbook... well Red Shoes is nothing like these movies (or dances) but it's the uplifting unified feeling from that last scene that will be carried to audiences across the world.

These films will make you laugh, make you cry, have you sitting on the edge of your chair. What better way to draw people in, allowing them to care. For understanding of cause and effect, and the emotional connection drawn, is the one way we stand together and say NO MORE. 

These unique films/books benefit investors, audiences and communities across the world. Millions are entertained while men, women and children are rehabilitated and prevented from being victims, while revenue flows from various avenues to investors. This is the start of making history; a new way of doing business that benefits the world. Investors receive 50% of profit and UPL Productions donates 50% of their profit from the MAD inspired series. It’s Fun, Investment, Philanthropy, with the ultimate reward: Saving Lives.


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